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Welcome to the news pages of Office Furniture Online where we aim to bring you the latest news about products that are newly available in our store as well as industry news from around the country and around the world.

Every now and again we’ll also take a look back at historical events and advertisements to see what the world of office furniture was like in years gone by as well as bringing you hints, tips and ‘how to’ guides for all the day to day questions you may have about buying office furniture.

So whether you have a specific question about office furniture or are just interested in finding out more about the types of items we sell then you should find the answers right here.

Office chair buying guide – 5 Key factors to consider for picking the perfect office chair - June 25th, 2015
Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you spend the majority of your working day in an office chair (like me) then you can understand how important it is that you choose an office chair that ticks all the boxes. I have put together the following tips to help you choose the right office chair and hopefully I’ve made you look …Read the Rest…

How to choose your office furniture supplier - January 28th, 2014
73403 HX Best Price icon blue RGB

There are absolutely thousands of office furniture suppliers online these days its very difficult to choose which one to go with. So… after you’ve gone through a few thousand websites selling office furniture and finally decided which product you like the look of. You may have noticed that the majority of office furniture websites sell …Read the Rest…

Office furniture manufacturer Bluespot acquires new home. - December 13th, 2013
Bluespot Furniture New HQ

Bluespot Furniture has acquired a 30,000 square foot base for their manufacturing operation. The new home for Bluespot Furniture is based in Dewsbury, Bretton Park. Along with the new territory comes extra space and with this space Bluespot said the manufacturing facility will enable it to install the most sophisticated machinery in panel processing. Panel …Read the Rest…

George Osborne spent £10m on treasury interior revamp.. - December 6th, 2013

Days before the stupendous cuts announced in the Autumn Statement, George Osborne has been found to have spent £10,200,000 on re-vamping his already exclusive Whitehall HQ treasury. Please do not throw things at your computer screen or start shouting and swearing, thinking what the hell!! I have already had to replace my screens and have …Read the Rest…

Free office furniture available, limited time and stock! – (Voluntary Groups in Adur & Worthing) - December 4th, 2013

Office furniture is on offer for free. The small print : the free office furniture is only available to voluntary groups in Adur and Worthing. Adur & Worthington local councils have a wide range of office furniture available due to their move to Portland House, Worthing. A wish list is currently being compiled, so if …Read the Rest…

Technology, how it has changed the office workplace & it’s inventors 100 years (Infographic) - November 29th, 2013
Role of Technology_ 1page_130801.indd

100 Years of Workplace Technology The following is an infographic by professional furniture maker based on workplace technology starting at 1907 and finishing at the iPad in 2010. It’s all part of Knoll’s workspace research study on ‘Engaging Workplace with Technology‘ The research focusses on three main areas of technological advancement; Consumerised office technology …Read the Rest…

Seriously your office is disgusting – Where to tell your cleaners to actually clean! - November 28th, 2013

Seriously your office is disgusting – Where to tell your cleaners to actually clean! If you want to reduce sick days at the office it would definitely help if you knew your cleaners are actually cleaning the germs away and not just clearing away the rubbish. An infographic by cleaning company Master Cleaners Ltd who …Read the Rest…

Standing Office Desk with a built in AI that learns from you and adjusts itself - November 27th, 2013

“Expert Tip – FYI: This is a multi featured desk, you can sit and stand at it.” Standing Office Desk with a built in AI that learns from you and adjusts itself The new standing office desk from Stir is a marvel in its own right. Stir’s forward thinking has taken this designer looking office …Read the Rest…

Farnham Leather Faced Manager Office Chair - November 27th, 2013

Features of the Farnham Leather Faced Manager Office Chair from Great value high back manager chair with soft feel leather facings and traditional light oak wooden arms and base. Buy online here in cream:… here in black leather:… and here in brown leather:… Uk’s best price and free delivery from …Read the Rest…

Interior Design Community Hits 10k members – Laurie Laizure - November 26th, 2013
Interior design community.jpg

We would just like to say a “well done” to the Google+ interior design community which hit it’s 10,000th member today. IDC’s official website is not quite ready yet but it’s coming soon, so set your bookmarks this way : So well done Laurie Laizure for heading up the community and making it a …Read the Rest…